The most festive table decoration for a wonderful New Year!

The holiday season is perhaps the most pleasant time of the year. Cosy dinner parties with friends and families, exchanging gifts, warmly lit houses and streets… But of course what really brings the Christmas spirits is a festively decorated table. The snacks and wonderful food are important, no doubt about that, but original and carefully chosen table decoration comes first.

Looking for inspiration to deck out your table for the finest time of the year?

First step: tableware

Holiday table decoration can be classic, there is nothing wrong with that. Moreover, it brings a touch of nostalgia to the most atmospheric time of the year. The first step? Festive tableware with retro touches. The bowls and plates from the MYSTERIOUS collection are made of porcelain, with the beautiful drawing exuding cosiness. You may also like the patterns and colors of the MAIKO and SAKURA collections – both porcelain gems that look great on any table!

Decorating your party table: cutlery and accessories

Have you found beautiful tableware to spruce up your table with? Awesome! The next step is festive cutlery. Tip: go for gold to completely make your table sparkle.

Don’t hesitate to wow your guests with decorative plates. These leaf-shaped pieces of art are truly something else:

A cast iron teapot will certainly impress when dessert time rolls around!

Don’t forget about candles

The dark of winter is synonymous with candles! They immediately cosy up your home. Candles certainly deserve a special spot at the party table. You can go different directions: from experimenting with shapes and light, to working with color, a combination of both or other methods… Options galore!

We especially love these sandblasted candle holders from the BROCELIANDE collection. These tea lights with trees on them complete your holiday table!

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